Can I request changes in the work?

Yes, after the sketch step you will receive the same for approval. If you want any changes, you can request at this time. Changes to the sketch can be of any kind as long as they are in the original brief. Depending on your order, the sketch will have no changes and your requests will be applied directly to the digital. After the digital step you will receive the final version for approval. It is still possible to request changes as long as they are not drastic. You can request a different color, change the size of an element, add an effect, change the position of an element and also request to fix an error. If you want simple variations of the same element for comparison, please ask. Once the digital step is approved, you will receive the final files. After this step, the artwork will only be modified if an error is noticed within one month after the final delivery. In other situations, a new commission will be considered.